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There's a good chance that if you've found yourself here, that there's a little something within yearning for anew. But it is important that this is not just the next 'bright shiny object',  something that merely fills a gap but doesn't really address the Source of the yearn. 

I've created a program delivered in a group mentorship setting, offering education, connection, and transformational 1:1 coaching sessions.

Over 66 days (a new habit takes 66 days to become wired in your brain), using the intelligence of the chakras to release and activate your own innate wisdom, we explore the dynamics of power and journey through the core POWER pillars of Foundation, Flow and Fire. You will draw in your conscious awareness to audit, understand and embody concepts that will both enlighten and set you free. The tools I use are coaching & NLP, yoga therapy, chakras/energy centres, breath work, trauma healing, neuroscience and holistic wellbeing. 


Over 6 live sessions, we will use the EXACT strategies that I have used to:

🔥  Cultivate a firm foundation built on my four pillars of belonging, connection to nature, connection to body, and core beliefs around security, safety, prosperity/abundance and trust 

🔥  Navigate through senses and feelings to explore emotional flow and containment, and develop your emotional mastery

🔥  Initiate the subtle art of not giving away your power and leaking your energy, as well as unapologetically setting yourself free of other people’s expectations 

🔥  Transform any guilt that might be holding you back from your own pure joy and natural expression

🔥  Shapeshift your ego with your consciousness and up-level your personal response-ability

🔥  Release self-doubt so that you never have to waste your precious time or energy second guessing yourself again!


In your sacred power,

you experience a natural, warm confidence,

aligned with whole-hearted virtues of

Power, Love and Wisdom.

As a conscious woman, you radiate your lustrous Self to the world. 


Who's it for?

You know that something is not right with the way we (society) are currently doing things. Like I was, you are over diminishing yourself, well and truly over the daily grind, overwhelm, scarcity, self doubt, playing small, lack of self care and not living in alignment with your true values: truth, love, freedom, and unity. You ARE ready to put yourself first and CREATE the time needed to manifest your own transformation. In doing this, you know the ripple effect this has that extends far beyond you and me. 

Who's not suitable?

Friction creates sparks, sparks create fire, and fire transforms. Are you ready to create some friction? If I'm honest, sometimes this work is not comfy. It takes courage in the beginning. If you are not prepared to dive in deep with your full attention, to cultivate understanding and take DAILY action, then this program is not for you. I have the tools and hold a safe container, but YOU embody the change. There needs to be a readiness and the capacity to work on yourself for the 66 days. 

What's Included?


1 X 90 MIN FOUNDATION SESSION in week 3 where we nut out progress and action anything required to stand firm.

1 x 45 MIN CLOSING SESSION at conclusion to discuss initial goals/intentions, current vision, and action moving forward.

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Take part in group NLP , meditations, breathwork, yogic practices, thought provoking conversation & group mentorship to embody the wisdom and align.


9 videos explaining core principles, wisdoms and activations. Audio downloads available.

3 yoga videos to explore Earth, Water and Fire.

Breathwork videos.

1 x Energetic Cord Cutting Ceremony to do at home.

1 x Divine Access Alignment daily activation meditation.

Earth Mantra download.

Other meditations.



Three mini-books: Understanding the Subtle Energy Body

Sacred Power Coursebook (complements the video content)

Inner Contemplation Journal with transformational shadow work, inner reflections and practices to facilitate the releasing of density that weighs you down.


A weekly check in by me to see how you are going with your own personal sacred power journey.

Also accountability within the group as you show up together each week and journey together.



Access to my private Facebook community: Personal and Spiritual Growth for Women & freebees: 5 Element Breathwork, 5 Prana Breathwork, and Sacred Seasons pdf.

Also FB Lives with tips for aligning to sacred power on a daily basis. 



Earth Element

Your Tribe, Core Values and Beliefs

Alchemising Fear

Abundance and Prosperity 

Gravity & Weight and our Relationship to Time

Attachments and Cords

Physical 'Anchoring' and Grounding

Nature Based Connection with the Traditional Seasons and Equinoxes

Breathwork - Ujjayi and Square Breath.



Water Element

Creating Sacred Space

Senses, Feelings and Emotions

Emotional Flow - Reclaiming our Shadow

Emotional Containment - Boundaries and Pratyahara

Guilt as Guidance



Connection & Growth Through Relationship

Breathwork - Ida and Pingala Nadi Channels/Alternate Nostril Breath, Conscious Connected Breath



Fire element

Manipura and the Gut-Brain Axis

Prana Vayus

Understanding the Dynamics of Power

Reclaiming our Lustrous Gem - the Path to Personal Power

Breathwork: Kapalabhati, Agni Sara, Bhastrika

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$ 1 6 1 8


Payment plan option: 4 easy payments of $444


Here's the breakdown:

  • 1:1 mentorship sessions totalling 2 1/4 hours, plus the free Clarity Session, valued at $337.50

  • 6 x group zoom tutorials valued at $270

  • Course content library valued at well over $1500

  • Coursebooks: Understanding the Subtle Energy Body; Sacred Power: Foundation, Flow & Fire; and the Inner Contemplation Journal valued at $44

  • 8 x 10 min accountability check-ins by Olivia valued at $200

Want to find out more?

I invite you to book a complimentary 30 min CLARITY session with me to address where you are at and where you want to be. These sessions can be powerful as they are the first step toward taking ACTION. They also allows us to figure out whether this immersion is right for you. 

6 Weeks to Sacred Power is offered to small groups, 2 - 3 times per year. Please reach out if you would like to enquire or apply for the next intake.


In the meantime:

Join my facebook community: Personal and Spiritual Growth for Women

where I have loads of free content!

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