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5 Element Breathwork

Embrace the inner work and connect to your divine intelligence as I guide you through my 5 Element Breathwork mini series.


Connect to the abundant present moment & feel more vibrant and healthy. This program will blow you away with insights and practical tools to feel aligned and centred to the Divine human that you are!

Click the unit links below for this FREE program and receive immediate access to my private community page: Personal Growth & Spiritual Evolution Community. To hold yourself accountable, why not post to the group upon completion of each unit with your experience of it! #earth #water #fire #air #ether.



Steady | Safe | Grounded

Awareness of Earth

- bio-energetic grounding and pelvic floor breath work to activate ‘mula’ (root)

- feel steady, settle an overactive mind, anxiety, and overwhelm.


Changeable | Connected to all | Expansive

Tune your vital energy body with Air

- explore prana as it draws in to your body; digests and assimilates; expands and circulates; expresses upward and outward; and eliminates.


Move | Create | Feel

Sacred flow of Water

- cleansing breath work to charge your internal rivers and release any blocked emotions

- invoke grace, sensuality, pleasure, and feeling.


Unlimited Possibility | I am everything

Connect to bliss with Ether

- pineal gland breath activation

- create your own reality with your intention, and deep inner states of seeing through the lens of the energy centre.


Dynamic | Light | Transformational

Transform with Fire

- breath work to cleanse and tone your digestive system, build immunity, heat the body, strengthen deep core and release tension.

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