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Private Tuition

Private tuition offers targeted individual therapeutic programs that deal with specific health issues, taking into consideration the whole body, mind and spirit. Whether you want help addressing a physical ailment or you want to work through emotional, mental or spiritual blocks or challenges, yoga therapy works on every layer of your being to facilitate real and lasting change to your life. You will feel empowered as you cultivate conscious awareness of your own inner felt sense. A yoga therapy consultation involves completing a detailed client form for analysis prior to your booked practice time; and includes some key 'take home' practices to aid on your healing journey.

$100 per hour for yoga therapy tailored practice

General yoga practices (non-tailored) are also available for $85 per hour

Semi-privates on application (2-4 people) - please discuss


'Deep Rest' Signature Treatment


A unique experience with the sole purpose of deeply nourishing your entire nervous system. Olivia combines specific yoga postures, fully supported, with vibrational essential oils, energy balancing and yoga nidra guided relaxation. The Deep Rest Session allows you to completely relax as it is not a movement based practice. Stillness is cultivated in the mind as we balance and restore the physical and energetic body. 

$125 one hour fifteen minutes

Mentorship for Yoga Teachers

As a senior level teacher, Olivia can offer one on one mentorship for yoga teachers wishing to make up their 350 hours or to train in areas of interest, suitable to Olivia's knowledge base. Please call to discuss. The Yoga Australia Mentorship Guidelines are used to structure the training and meeting registration requirements.


In 2017 Olivia had the pleasure of mentoring student teacher Heidi Carroll through her 200 hour provisional Yoga Australia membership, so that she could lovingly take over teaching to the beautiful community of yogis in Cooktown, Far North QLD. 

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