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What is your greatest power?

...your divine intelligence.

When consciousness meets form,

Magic happens.



Sacred Empowerment




And YOU have everything you need to

Embody, Empower, and Engage

as the amazing woman that you are.


Thousands of years ago, the yoga gurus meditated for decades in solitude, so that today, when YOU are ready to raise your consciousness to the next level, you literally have a road map to your mind, body and spirit.



We now have the backing of science as we merge

East and West.


Are you ready to do this work?

This journey is not just about learning, its about embodying, taking action, manifesting the transformation that you consciously intent into your life. You need to be ready. I am here to take your hand and walk you through this. No one gets left behind, and "nobody puts Baby in the corner" :)


Are you ready to invest your time and energy? Are you naturally curious? Do you appreciate the value, not only to yourself for doing this work, but the ripple effect that this will have in your home with your family, your workplace, and your community.


One of my favourite quotes is:

If there is Light in the Soul,

there is Beauty in the Person.

If there is beauty in the person,

there will be Harmony in the House.

If there is harmony in the house,

there will be Order in the Nation.

If there is order in the nation,

there will be Peace in the World.


Quite frankly, life these days is a little overwhelming. It feels like a battle to not be stressed or anxious. Truth is, society as we now know it does not support a centred, grounded and spiritually connected existence.  Despite having all of our essential needs met, we often feel unfulfilled, deeply craving something more. My mission is to support women to rediscover their sense of Self as a source of intelligence, truth, wisdom, joy and nourishment.


Women that have come into this program have had health concerns, felt displaced, disconnected, or perhaps a little off centre, and know that its time to focus on themselves and re-align again. And there are women that do this program to add more value to the work they offer, by filling up their own cup and gaining more tools for their toolkit.

If any of this resonates with you, this course is for you.


How curious are you?

Sacred Empowerment lotus symbol orange.p

Discover your bio-spiritual ecology in my

8 week immersion

into the energy centres of your body.


Realise your divine intelligence through a merging of both Eastern and Western knowledge and evolutionary practices.


Develop a greater awareness of your subtle energy with therapeutic yoga practices designed specifically for each energy centre, releasing tension, energetic stagnation or restlessness, and old trauma that you no longer wish to carry.


Through inner contemplation journal work and 1:1 coaching and NLP sessions, recognise your deep-seated limiting beliefs that contract you and hold you back. 


Step into your own magnificence, have the freedom to action your greatest desires, and connect authentically and gracefully with those around you.





1 x Detailed Therapeutic Consultation valued at $55

Prior to commencing the program, you complete a detailed client form that identifies your structural, nervous system, ayurvedic dosha, psychological and spiritual states. In a 30 min session we identify obstacles and blocks, discuss results of the chakra analysis (below), and become clear about what your goals are for the immersion.

1 x Healy Aura Energy Analysis valued at $35

Using the Healy Resonance - a holistic bio-energetic wellness device that uses Quantum Sensor technology, we scan your aura/energy field to analyse straight up where you are at. You receive a full pdf interpretation of your energy centres.

8 x 'Chakra Masterclass' Group Training & Coaching valued at $560

Each week we connect live 'in-circle' over Zoom to discover the wisdom of our bodies. These educational zoom tutorials will give you the deep understanding of how traditional philosophy and modern science are merging to give us some of the most exciting knowledge of our millennia! 

7 x 'Chakra Masterclass' Audio Recordings valued at $28


To support your further on your chakra 'download' I have recorded the 7 chakra sacred centres in audio format for you to listen to in the car, cleaning the home, or as you please.

1 x Sacred Empowerment Course Book valued at $45

All your content recorded in a beautiful course book with illustrative diagrams. Each energy centre has its own dedicated chapter, delivered week by week.

6 x Weekly Yoga Practices, Breath Work, Chants & Guided Meditations valued at $249

Intellect alone does not transform us. Embodiment practices are delivered each week with a specific intent to show you how each of these energy centres manifest in your physical, energetic, mental and spiritual being. Through practice, you experience the qualities of grounding, flow, power, vitality, expression, vision, and unity. Practices can be modified to suit individual needs. These are pre-recorded videos and printable practice sheets. 

1 x Inner Contemplation Journal valued at $29

Print off your Inner Contemplation Journal at the beginning of the course so that you can easily record your daily or weekly reflections. Use the guidance and practices for each chakra to study the Self, to embrace the inner work and prepare for your coaching session/s.

1 x Heart Opening Sacred Cacao Ceremony & Mamamuti Cacao Ceremonial Grade Buttons valued at $100

In week 5, we take a breather on educational content to allow time & space to embody & connect. Co-facilitated online in your own home, we experience the heart opening and Self nourishing effects of Sacred Cacao.


Irma, founder of Mamamuti Sacred Cacao, is a clinical homeopath, sound healer, & teacher. Her devotion to understand and uphold the traditional, spiritual and cultural significance of ancient plant medicine has taken her across the globe. Irma has been working with cacao as a plant guide since 2015 and has been facilitating cacao gatherings and ceremonies across Aotearoa, NZ, since 2018. Prior to the ceremony, you will receive a 250gram bag of her high vibrational heart opening strain of Amazonian 'criollo' cacao, crafted with care and intention in small batches for Ceremonial Grade energy.

90 mins of 1:1 NLP and Coaching valued at $200

After the inner work has been done, you are ready for your personalised coaching & NLP session. As we peel back the layers of fear, guilt, anger or frustration - or whatever it is that keeps you bound - we can use tools such as Emotional Release Technique, Parts Integration, or Belief Change to breakthrough your limiting patterns or beliefs. Subtle yet powerful, you will feel lighter and free-er as you release the negative anchors that weigh you down. Additional 1:1 Sessions are offered at 20% off for one month after the immersion.