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Resonance Practice Portal

Exclusive membership - access 3 group sessions weekly, live tips and masterclasses with Liv.

  • Starts 2 Oct
  • 35.75 Australian dollars
  • Online

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Service Description

The fundamental secret of yoga practice is to create & maintain a process of RESONANCE. It is a process of initiating & amplifying a vibratory response (a link) in a receiving system (human subtle body) that is attuned to an emitting system (cosmic vibratory energies). "Resonance" is a portal with the specific intention to intuitively guide students through high vibrational yogic practices that work on every layer of the being to create lasting resonance with Source / Universal Intelligence. In turn, this also upgrades our physical body into coherence - facilitating the communication & harmony of all the major systems of the body: circulatory/lymphatic, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive/excretory, musculoskeletal, & respiratory systems. This is done by: 1. Frequency of practice - consistency 2. Sacred space set up at home - anchoring in a deepening of practice & connection to Self/Source 3. The frequency & energy of the group & the Teacher honours the connection that we all feel when we are a part of something within a Collective Consciousness. This portal provides you with: ~ 3 x 45min live group practice sessions (online) delivered every Monday, Wednesday & Friday 5:30 till 6:15pm. ~ access to an exclusive Facebook group utilised for sharing practice tips (based off your feedback/enquiry), & mini masterclasses. This is also a place for community if you wish to share any of your personal experiences with the practices & personal revelations. ~ opportunity to book a 1:1 session with me at any time for a special Resonance price of $65 (usually $85). Who is "Resonance" for? These sessions draw on yogic practices from ALL of yoga. This means that we will be doing a combination of yin & yang movement & posture including sun, earth and moon salutations, pranayama/breath, sound, visualisation, and meditation. It will also call on us to practice the yamas & niyamas as we go about our day to day lives (moral disciplines & vows, both outwardly & inwardly). Before you get too concerned - most of you are already well & truly practicing yamas & niyamas in your day to day lives. Resonance is a weekly online membership portal, $35.75 direct debited every Friday for the following week. It offers you complete flexibility for travel. The style of yoga offered will also be suitable for mild illness - in fact will assist in health & healing. Please set up your GoCardless direct debit before your first week of practice. Link at bottom of booking form - next page.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Yoga Classes: Same day cancellations are deducted from your pass. Please contact me before class if you wish to make up the lesson before the end of your pass expiry or within 2 weeks for Drop In bookings. Mentorship and 1:1 appointments: Please re-schedule your appointment to the next available time slot. Any issues, please contact Liv.

Contact Details

+ 0412506235

Queensland, Australia

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