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Find out more about Olivia's group offerings both in person on the Sunshine Coast, and online.

Are you interested in diving into your own self healing and personal growth with one of my group offerings?

Click on the boxes below to learn more about these experiences. 

Clarity in PerceptionTruth in Expression, Joy in the Heart.

Therapeutic Yoga in Montville

Montville Village Hall, Memorial Close - Friday's 8:45am - 10:15am

This class is recommended for those who may have an injury or need a little more specific attention in a group setting (sometimes an initial 1:1 may be needed for challenging injuries). Therapeutic is a great all rounder and perfect for those completely new to yoga, or those wanting to discover what a graceful and easeful yoga practice feels like. This class works with each posture dynamically, coming into and out of the posture with the breath. This allows you to work with your own 'edge', and gradually deepen the stretch as your body finds space. Focus is given on cultivating steadiness and ease in every posture. 


The Range Yoga Collective

A collective of yoga teachers and mentors on the Blackall Range

The Range Yoga Collective was born late 2022 with the vision to connect our yoga community, bring our teachers together, and to make yoga more accessible to the people that live on the Blackall Range. The Collective is a growing hub of wonderful teachers, all unique in their own way, who offer a range of different styles of yoga practices - beyond the everyday asana class. The science and discipline of yoga spans across moral codes of living (yamas and niyamas), study of the self, posture and movement of various styles, pranayama and breath-work, meditation and chanting. The goal for 2023 is to launch a Range Yoga Collective PASS which will give you access to a selection of classes in various locations across the Blackall Range (Obi - Mapleton - Kureelpa - Dulong - Highworth - Nambour Heights - Flaxton - Montville - Palmwoods). 

Heart Healing & Activation (1).png

Heart Healing & Activation Workshop

Embody your heart wisdom to heal and activate your soul  @Nambour Yoga Centre

Co-facilitated by Olivia Besson and Kate Manley, this workshop combines the nurturance and heart opening effects of sacred cacao, sound medicine, and energy clearing, with the meditative practices of restorative yoga and breathwork, to embody our heart wisdom, healing and activating the heart centre. This opens up our multi-dimensional way of living.

Through inner sensing and noticing, we work at untangling the web of the heart to facilitate living from the heart-space.

Preparations to clear the lens for the meditative ceremony of cacao and sound medicine include:

energy clearing upon arrival,

grounding and protection meditation,

wisdom activations,

intention setting,

meditative movements and restorative yoga,

​ cleansing and heart expanding breath practices.

Obstacles of the heart:

There is a web of pranic channels (nadis/ like meridian channels) flowing in and out of the heart. The heart organ is also unique because it contains nerves from both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, so every change affects the way the heart works on a beat-to-beat basis. The heart becomes clouded with too much possibility, which happens when we cannot discern what we allow into our sphere of existence. The flow of prana becomes restricted by threads of tension, heartstrings, which cause sensations of physical pressure, contraction, emotional pain and suffering, and disconnection. When we restore harmony to our heart strings, and re-balance this energy centre, our heart becomes a powerful portal to access a truly higher vibrational, free, expansive way of living.

Morning Retreat (1).png

Self Love & Liberation Morning Retreat

The ultimate mini-transformational morning to unlock your codes of deeper levels of self-love, self-worth and self-liberation.  @ The Chi Hub, Nambour

Need a little re-boost?
Feeling tired, lost or overwhelmed with life's intensity?

Sometimes even feelings of frustration, resentment, anxiety, or withdrawal are messages that its time to take some time out for compassionate self-care.

Here's the schedule for an intimate circle of 8 people only:
➳ Reconnect to mother nature with a 45 min guided grounding and meditation session amongst the trees and nature. Using the nourishing effects of cacao, we will connect deeply to the forest and our selves to reconnect to our centre;
➳ Sit in circle in our outdoor space, connect to abundance, and be guided through prosperity mindset activations so that your ground is secure and your mind is free as you move toward 2023;
➳ moving to our inside space, feel the resonant vibrations resounding in every cell of your being as we chant Oms and anchor in our sense of belonging and connection to all beings, giving and receiving;
➳ 60 min restorative yoga session to deeply connect to Self
➳ break for a light breakfast smoothie bowl
➳ group emotional release technique - guided NLP practice to release any heavy emotion that is weighing you down
➳ guided breathwork session to heal and activate
➳ sharing circle
➳ anchoring affirmation practice (for you to do every day post retreat)
➳ freshly made juice and a bliss ball before departure



Group mentorship for targeted personal growth

A six session package to support and stretch you through growth and change and to manifest deeper levels of self-love, self-worth and self-liberation.  

Sometimes we wake up and realise that our life just simply cannot go forward in the way that it has - carrying some type of burden, pain, or energetic emotional frequency that just doesn't sit right with you. My 6 weeks to Sacred Power group mentorship program is for women who are ready to dive deep into themselves and emerge with a renewed sense of vitality, inner alignment, purpose, and clarity.

All mentorship work is done my application and the group is limited to 4. My areas of expertise are tailored specifically to the growth that you need - even in this group program. The areas we can draw on are:
➳ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
➳ establishing a solid daily ritual to anchor you into your true Self, giving you sacred power
➳ discovering your body's innate intelligence to build unwavering trust in your Self and this universe in which we live - knowing that all is Divine and perfect, even the imperfect!
➳ still access 1:1 sessions with Liv to do personalised NLP, yoga therapy, life coaching.




Apply for mentorship with Olivia.

So you feel ready to stretch yourself through some big changes and release suffering in your life? Apply here by popping your details in below and Liv will be in contact soon. Mentorship requires both a certain level of commitment AND the right dynamic between the mentor and mentee. 

Thanks for submitting!
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