Yoga Classes

Scheduled Classes at Flaxton Gardens 

and Nambour Yoga Centre

Mindful Slow Flow

The Barrell Room @ Flaxton Gardens- Wednesday's 9am

Practice how to integrate your own internal gaze with a graceful movement that flows consciously with your natural breath. Slow mindful yoga is incredibly good for the nervous system and building resilience. This practice is great for those who experience busyness in the mind and/or restlessness in the body, and want to gain the benefits of meditation yet find it difficult to sit still.This flow is taught in my unique way so that you are empowered to practice the art of yoga and meet your own individual capacity - hence all levels welcome. Some degree of mobility required but flexibility not essential!


The Barrell Room @ Flaxton Gardens- Friday's 9am

These sessions can target specific areas such as spinal health, neck and shoulder tension, hip mobility; gut health and digestion; adrenal toning; and overall stress relief. Therapeutic is a great all rounder and perfect for those completely new to yoga, or those wanting to discover what a graceful and easeful yoga practice feels like. This class works with each posture dynamically, coming into and out of the posture with the breath. This allows you to work with your own 'edge', and gradually deepen the stretch as your body finds space. Focus is given on cultivating steadiness and ease in every posture. 

Active Chair Yoga

The Barrell Room @ Flaxton Gardens- Thursdays 9am (1.15min)

Nambour Yoga Centre - Thursdays 11.15am (1.15min)

Active Chair Yoga uses various seated, lying down, and standing practices, with and without a chair, that are aimed at building strength and stability in the core and the legs, among cultivating improved range of motion, mindfulness, and inner calm. It is a wonderful practice for anyone who loves yoga but is not confident with balancing or coming to the floor for seated practices, and/or if you suffer from ailments that make a yoga practice more challenging. If you've felt that a general class is not comfortable for you, then come and give this class a try! With my skills in Yoga Therapy, I often design routines that have students in various adaptions of posture and movement. All are welcome. This is truly a safe place to enjoy mindful movement in a group setting.


"I attended Olivia's Restorative Workshop recently and felt immediately at ease by her warm welcome and how she had set up a tranquil yoga space with candles, flowers and beautiful music. It was hard to believe that the workshop was for 2.5hours - it passed so quickly! The poses were all designed to encourage relaxation, inner peace and gentle stretching. I felt the benefit of all of those during the workshop and for many days after. Olivia's deep knowledge and insight into the true nature of yoga is evident and her explanations are given clearly and with gentle encouragement. She provided alternate poses catering for varying levels of experience. Olivia is an excellent yoga teacher and it is well worth attending any of her yoga classes and workshops."

Bogusia, Flaxton

Workshops Sunshine Coast

As well as offering workshops on the Blackall Range, Olivia can be a guest workshop facilitator at your studio or wellness facility. Areas of interest are, but not limited to:

  • Yoga Therapy for various conditions

  • Concepts in alignment from a structural and interoceptive perspective and how this brings us closer to our true Self 

  • Yoga and neuroscience (coming soon!)

  • An in-depth exploration of the energy centres of our body (chakras)

  • Restorative yoga

  • Adrenal Kriya (a practice designed to tone the adrenals

  • Essential oils and yoga