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Every week I offer four 1 hour live sessions which are recorded and emailed out in case you miss the live. I strongly encourage you to commit to the live session as we can be there in community. Now more than ever we need to take care of our physical and psychological security. We will use the sessions to explore breath work to strengthen our respiratory system and balance energy; and asana practices to ease physical tension and attune our minds to our bodies. We will end our practice with a 15 minute guided savasana exploring various concepts which will take you on an inner-sensory journey through the physical body, energetic life force/pranic body, the mindscape, and beyond. Take this precious time to journey inwards and restore your system, honour what your needs are, in the comfort of your own being. I encourage you to stay connected with me, and invite you to reach out at any time for additional support for your home lifestyle practices.

Here are the times:

Tuesdays 9am - Chair Yoga

A mostly seated practice to develop refined interoceptive capability and pelvic realignment. Focus also on breath practices for the heart and lungs.

Wednesdays 9am - Mindful Slow Flow

Movement with breath, exploring our sense of graceful flow in our bodies with the use of slow 'furling and unfurling' movements of the spine. Understanding our relationship with gravity and grounding into Earth qualities.

Thursdays 9am - Active Chair Yoga

Seated and standing practice with the use of a chair to explore strength through our feet, legs and core; working on balancing postures. Revisiting more upper body breath with movement practices to up our prana flow and support our heart and lungs. 

Fridays 9am - Therapeutic Yoga

Each week we will explore a different therapeutic application such as yoga for back care, sciatica, frozen shoulder, stress, fatigue. I will be guided by your needs as a group as we explore these each week.


To practice online you will need to have access to Zoom meetings via your computer or mobile device. This is super easy to set up, and you will need to download it to your device. Click this link which takes you to the 'join meeting' sign in, but of course you only get the code each week once registration is complete. 

Join the facebook closed group: Yoga with Liv


You will need to set up a weekly payment with GoCardless which will debit $15 every Monday from your nominated bank account. Here is the link: Why GoCardless? Its very secure, fees are minimal, and if you need to pause for a week or two you just let me know and I use my dashboard to do that for you. To reduce my admin time this is the preferred method of payment, however please let me know if you need an alternative. 

Set up a quiet space at home for your practice! If you have children, don't let this be an obstacle. They can join in if they like. Or your partner/housemates. I've become very used to doing my home practice amongst kids and dogs and all sorts of other distractions - and that is half the challenge! How still can you remain amongst the beautiful mess of life:

  1. Make a dedicated space - roll out your mat/s, re-arrange furniture if you have too. I've set up my online studio in my lounge room with a few small changes. 

  2. Props - bolsters, cushions, yoga blocks (or a tupperware container!), a chair, an eye pillow, a towel. What ever it is you need to feel comfortable. 

  3. Make it sacred by adding in an altar with a candle, essential oil, a vase of flowers from the garden, and perhaps a picture of people that you love or who you live up too - for honour. Maybe even your journal to write in afterwards.

  4. And of course the tech bit: a spot for your laptop or tablet/ipad. Connect a speaker if needed to improve sound out of your device. I will not be having any music playing, so perhaps, provided you can still hear ok, you may like to play soft music in the background. My yoga playlists are available through Spotify: ChairYoga (instrumental only); Yoga; Yoga Chill Playlist

Click the button below the video if you would like to set up a time for me to call you, and/or if you need help setting up any of the mentioned applications for practice. 


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