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As the coronavirus came upon us all earlier in 2020, the world was forced to change, forever. One of the things that I finally achieved was teaching online. During the 8 or so weeks in lockdown, a group of students stuck it out, many of whom had never ever used Zoom or done anything like this, online. With support, we did it, and they loved it as it maintained a thread of social connection during a time of isolation. It was such a rewarding experience for me as a teacher. Today, some of these students are still not ready to return to face to face classes, and as such I now teach face to face and live together, at times.

You are able to access any of my chair yoga classes online via Zoom, or Facebook Live. Bookings essential. I am happy to assist with this if you have never done it before.


Tuesdays 9am - Chair Yoga

A mostly seated practice to develop refined interoceptive capability and pelvic realignment. Focus also on breath practices for the heart and lungs.

Thursdays 9am or 11.15am - Active Chair Yoga

Seated and standing practice with the use of a chair to explore strength through our feet, legs and core; working on balancing postures. Some floor practices are done lying down, for those who are able. As always, focus is not only on posture and movement, but also breath, energy, mindfulness, and meditation. 

You can access all my chair yoga classes online (only) for $10 per membership payable via GoCardless direct debit or direct bank transfer. 

Set up a quiet space at home for your practice!

If you have family at home, don't let this be an obstacle. I've become very used to doing my home practice amongst kids and dogs and all sorts of other distractions - and that is half the challenge! Pratyahara. How still can you remain amongst the beautiful mess of life!

  1. Make a dedicated space - roll out your mat/s, re-arrange furniture if you have too. 

  2. Props - bolsters, cushions, yoga blocks (or a tupperware container!), a chair, an eye pillow, a towel. What ever it is you need to feel comfortable. 

  3. Make it sacred by adding in an altar with a candle, essential oil, a vase of flowers from the garden, and perhaps a picture of people that you love or who you live up too - for honour. Maybe even your journal to write in afterwards.

  4. And of course the tech bit: a spot for your laptop or tablet/ipad. Connect a speaker if needed to improve sound out of your device. I will not be having any music playing, so perhaps, provided you can still hear ok, you may like to play soft music in the background. My yoga playlists are available through Spotify: ChairYoga (instrumental only); Yoga; Yoga Chill Playlist

Give me a call or email if you are interested in online yoga. 

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