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Resonance PracticePorrtal

Are you ready to MASTER YOUR ENERGY

with a supported, home based practice?

The fundamental secret of yoga practice is

to create & maintain a process of RESONANCE.

It is a process of initiating & amplifying a vibratory response (a link)

in a receiving system (human subtle body)

that is attuned to an emitting system (cosmic vibratory energies).

Sunrise over the sea makes my heart sing.png

"Resonance" is a portal with the specific intention to intuitively guide students through high vibrational yogic practices that work on every layer of the being to create lasting resonance with Source / Universal Intelligence. In turn, this also upgrades our physical body into coherence - facilitating the communication & harmony of all the major systems of the body: circulatory/lymphatic, cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive/excretory, musculoskeletal, & respiratory systems.


This is done by:

1. Frequency of practice - consistency

2. Sacred space set up at home - anchoring in a deepening of practice & connection to Self/Source

3. The frequency & energy of the group & the Teacher honours the connection that we all feel when we are a part of something within a Collective Consciousness.

I See You

I See Me

And together in this Space, 

We Are One.


This portal provides you with:

~ 3 x 45min live group practice sessions (online) delivered every Monday, Wednesday & Friday

2:30PM PERTH  |  5:30PM AEST  |   8:30PM AUCKLAND


~ flexible delivery option with access to a 72hour zoom link to watch the replay at a time that works for you.

~ access to the exclusive RESONANCE PRACTICE PORTAL Facebook group utilised for sharing practice tips (based off your feedback/enquiry), & mini masterclasses. This is also a place for community if you wish to share any of your personal experiences with the practices & personal revelations.

~ a growing YouTube library where you can access all the recorded classes.

~ opportunity to book a 1:1 session with me at any time for a special Resonance price of $65 (usually $85).


Who is "Resonance" for?

Resonance is for the man or woman who is awakening their hearts to a different way of living. You are seeking the support of a warm, friendly, and down to earth space to nourish your energy and slowly infuse all aspects of your life with upgraded, multi-dimensional codes of living. More peace within, more peace around you, and living in Alignment with your true nature and purpose as a Creator of your own life.

These sessions draw on yogic practices from ALL of yoga. This means that we will be doing a combination of yin & yang movement & posture including sun, earth and moon salutations, pranayama/breath, sound, visualisation, and meditation. It will also call on us to practice the yamas & niyamas as we go about our day to day lives (moral disciplines & vows, both outwardly & inwardly). Before you get too concerned - most of you are already well & truly practicing yamas & niyamas in your day to day lives.


Resonance is a weekly online membership portal, $35.75 AUD direct debited every Monday for that week. It offers you complete flexibility for travel. The style of yoga offered will also be suitable for mild illness - in fact will assist in health & healing.


I offer your first week FREE to come along and give it a go. After the Friday practice, we will have a quick follow up call or messenger chat. At this stage you will need to set your GoCardless direct debit which charges on the Monday for that week of practice.

Head over to the BOOK page, here, to book your spot (conveniently only book in once and you get instant access to all classes). You will get the zoom invitation to join. Please note that we use the same zoom link for every class and that pre-class registration is set up as you enter each class via zoom.

Click here when you are ready to activate your GoCardless direct debit. 

Download and print the Resonance Practice Portal intake form and submit to Liv via email at OR FB messenger, IG direct message, whats app. 


Check with Liv to find out more. 

Photo credits: Left: Gracie Purvis Right: Benedetta Marchi

Apply for mentorship with Olivia.

So you feel ready to stretch yourself through some big changes and release suffering in your life? Apply here by popping your details in below and Liv will be in contact soon. Mentorship requires both a certain level of commitment AND the right dynamic between the mentor and mentee. 

Thanks for submitting!
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